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Portland, Oregon

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Integrating NETs with Neighborhood Associations

In Portland's Sunnyside neighborhood – and in other neighborhoods – we've collaborated with a supportive Neighborhood Association (NA), and it has been extremely productive and mutually rewarding. We offer a summary of our experience hoping that it will be useful to...

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Homemade Two-Bucket Water Filtration System

My husband and I planned a camping trip to Waldo Lake. It was a place he'd heard so much about but hadn't yet visited. About a three weeks before our reservation, we received a notice from the campground that there would be no fresh drinking water available due to a...

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Start Saying Hello

How many of you live within walking distance of your friends and family? Probably not many. When the Cascadia quake hits, there will be no more internet, cell phones, or visits to friends across town. Your radius will shrink. The people in your world will be those who...

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How to Rock a NET Booth

Sunday Parkways, Farmers Markets, National Night Out, Movies in the Park… It’s summer, which means it’s outreach season for Neighborhood Emergency Teams. Outreach is an incredibly important part of what NETs do. After all, we can’t help everyone, so we need to help...

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NET + Business Partnership = Win Win Win

The Arbor Lodge / Kenton Neighborhood Emergency Team recently staffed a booth at the Kenton Street Fair. Our neighborhood Lowes in Hayden Island donated a bucket full of preparedness supplies, which we used as a raffle prize. It was a dreary, rainy day in mid-May, but...

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Getting Your Amateur Radio Feet Wet

You read my last post about why you should become an Amateur Radio Operator (aka: ARO, aka: Ham), right? And you went out and got your license and a handheld radio, right? Great - now it's time to practice. Portland is full of great opportunities for getting hands-on...

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