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Water Treatment Taste Test

We all know that in the event of a large-scale disaster, treated water supplying the greater Portland area may be compromised by damaged treatment plants or supply lines. It is important to stock up water for at least two weeks (1 gallon per person per day). Many...

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How to Organize a NET Fundraiser Event

Fundraisers are a great way to do outreach while making money for your Neighborhood Emergency Team’s (NET’s) supply cache. Since they’re open to the public, it’s a great opportunity to share some enthusiasm for emergency prep, even if people aren’t going to go all-in...

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This is an update to the previously posted FRS/GMRS Radio Primer article by John Beaston. In its May 2017 meeting, the FCC made significant changes to the FRS and GMRS services. These rule changes are basically good news for NETs. Here’s a summary of the changes: With...

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What I’ve Learned About Water Storage

The part of my personal preparedness that has taken me the longest to complete, and given me the most confusion, is water storage. I’ll share what I’ve learned so far, to help all the other confused procrastinators out there. First I tried buying water in gallon...

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Japan, Six Years Later

My name is Mitch Bixby, and I'm the Team Leader for the Overlook Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET). I'm currently traveling in Tohoku, Japan with a group from Portland State University. We're here as part of a class called Learn from Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami...

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The Buy Nothing Project

In the past week, three things happened that will enrich my daily life (and may come in handy after a disaster): I met a neighbor three blocks away who has kids the same age as mine, I got a free pea trellis, and I learned how to make fire cider – all thanks to a...

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