There’s a 37% chance that Cascadia Subduction Zone will produce a 9.0+ earthquake in the next 50 years. We need to get ready, and we need everyone to participate. Please explore the Get Ready portion of this website to learn more about how you can prepare yourself, your family, and your neighbors, as well as receive training, volunteer, and connect with others who are working hard to make Portland a more resilient community. You don’t need to be a trained NET member to get involved.

The Cully NET welcomes your participation and input.


For information about Cully NET’s meetings, visit:


Not everyone is able to become a trained NET and/or attend our meetings, but there are many other ways you can contribute.

  • Organize your block using the Map Your Neighborhood program.
  • Volunteer for the City of Portland’s incredibly important BEECN Program. This is an excellent way to participate without much time commitment.
  • Check out trainings and events offered by all of the Neighborhood Emergency Teams throughout the city.
  • Follow the blog and Facebook Group.
  • Help us hang flyers and talk to businesses, schools, religious organizations, apartment communities, etc. We can provide you with talking points, guidance, and materials.
  • If there’s another way you’d like to contribute, let us know.

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