The Overlook NET meets on the 2nd Monday of even months (Feb, Apr, Jun, etc) at 6:30pm at the Lucky Lab Taproom @ 1700 N. Killingsworth Street. Check-in by radio (channel 5) starts at 6pm, or if you are new and want to get yourself up-to-speed. December is usually the holiday party: watch this space for details.

During odd months, we do something out in the neighborhood: a drill, a walk-around, or something not indoors. Those meetings happen NOT on Mondays; check out the calendar for what’s next.

We strongly encourage all community members to join us, NET-trained or not. We want to meet you, because we believe everyone has something to contribute.


To view calendars for all NET teams, visit portlandprepares.org/net-resources/event-calendars.

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