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Welcome to the Argay-Parkrose NET page. Our team also encompasses Parkrose Heights, Russell and Wilkes neighborhoods. Whether you live or work within our area, we welcome you to join us.

The Argay-Parkrose NET was one of the original four NET teams, established in 1994. We really ramped up in 2005. We are a very active team with a wide variety of experience, physical strength and skills. People of all levels are welcome!

 Over the years, our team has deployed to many events, including:

  • Guarding the perimeter around downed power lines
  • Assisting at warming and cooling centers
  • Assisting to protect the perimeter at the October 2016 natural gas explosion in NW Portland
  • Sandbagging during potential floods
  • Public Alerts Signups at a Eagle Creek Fire community meeting
  • Providing radio coverage through our Amateur Radio Operators (AROs)
  • COVID-19 Informational Campaign Support, Poster Distribution
  • Clackamas Fire, Clackamas TC Shelter Operation September 2020, This was first time NETs deployed outside City of Portland limits. Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) had staff to supervise and direct NETs at this operation. 


We hold regular meetings on the fourth (4th) Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:00PM. Our meetings are held via Zoom currently due to COVID-19, email our Team Leader Kathy Reese for more information. We discuss safety issues, practice techniques and occasionally have guest speakers of safety topics. Past presentations have included Hazmat information and a presentation by NW Natural Gas on the gas lines that are underground in our neighborhoods.

Once each quarter, we hold a joint meeting with other East County teams. Those meetings are held on the first Thursday of January, April, July and October from 6:30-8:30PM These meetings are held via Zoom due to COVID-19. The other teams are:

  • Hazelwood-Mill Park
  • Powellhurst-Gilbert
  • Taborvilla
  • Centennial
  • Rocky Butte West 
  • Lents 

You do not need to be a NET member to attend our meetings. Attending is a great way to learn about the Portland NET program and the community. Attending meetings can also lead to being fast tracked into the Basic Training program to become a NET.


This information is from the 2010 US Census. Population by neighborhood:

  • Argay = 6,006
  • Parkrose = 6,363
  • Parkrose Heights = 6,119
  • Russell = 3,175
  • Wilkes = 8,775
  • Maywood Park = 826
  • Total Population = 31,264


Not everyone is able to become a trained NET and/or attend our meetings, but there are many other ways you can contribute.

  • Organize your block. Use the Map Your Neighborhood program, invite us to do a presentation for your block, and sign up to be a block representative.
  • Volunteer for the City of Portland’s incredibly important BEECN Program. This is an excellent way to participate without much time commitment.
  • Check out trainings and events offered by all of the Neighborhood Emergency Teams throughout the city.
  • Follow the blog and Facebook Group.
  • Help us hang flyers and talk to businesses, schools, religious organizations, apartment communities, etc. We can provide you with talking points, guidance, and materials.
  • If there’s another way you’d like to contribute, let us know.


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Team Amateur Radio Operators (AROs)

Michael Schilmoeller
Northeast Radio Training Liaison (RTL)
FCC Call Sign: AE7XP

Andy Phelps
FCC Call Sign: KI7HCR

David Given
FCC Call Sign: KI7JFR

Jiro Isetani
FCC Call Sign: AA7JI

Richard Mohley
FCC Call Sign: K7INQ

Tim Moore
FCC Call Sign: KX7TWM





Operations Plan


Updated Sept. 18, 2021

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