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  • Angela Watson, Team Readiness 
  • Sara Walker, Member Engagement
  • Laura Hall, School Readiness


We work as a team to strengthen community resilience, promote individual disaster preparedness, and help reduce the burden on professional responders during emergencies.


Regular team meetings are held every other month, generally on the third Tuesday from 6-7:30pm at the Historic Kenton Firehouse. Each meeting covers a core skill such as household preparedness, disaster sanitation, medical triage and first aid, radio communications, working with victims and volunteers, and deployment operations. Meetings are open to both current and future team members as well as community members interested in preparedness.

Team leadership/planning meetings are held in person on the opposite months; these meetings are focused on team strategy and committee work and are open to all active team members who want to help build a stronger team and community.

See our meeting schedule for all upcoming meeting dates and topics.

Please email us at if you have questions related to our meetings or general disaster preparedness.

Ways to Get Involved

With 13,000+ residents in Arbor Lodge and Kenton, there are far too many people for the Arbor Lodge/Kenton Neighborhood Emergency Team to help if a disaster strikes. We need everyone to participate in making our community more resilient. If you don’t have time to take the NET training and/or attend our meetings, there are many other ways you can contribute.

  • Prepare your household and your block! You can find tons of resources on
  • Volunteer for the City of Portland’s incredibly important BEECN Program. This is an excellent way to participate without much time commitment.
  • Follow the blog and Facebook Group.
  • Help us talk to businesses, schools, religious organizations, apartment communities, etc. about preparedness. We can provide you with talking points, guidance, and materials.
  • If there’s another way you’d like to contribute, let us know!
Help Us Raise Funds
Do you have experience with or an interest in fundraising? Are you a skilled grant writer?

Help your neighborhood become more resilient! 

Your Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) needs your help. We’re working hard to get our neighborhood ready for the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, which could happen at any time. We’re training, doing community outreach, setting up radio communication plans, and creating disaster supply kits for the neighborhood. But we’re an all-volunteer group with no income, and currently no one on our team is doing fundraising.

Are you our next fundraising champion?

You don’t need to be a trained NET in order to help. We just need someone to help us get the word out about what we’re doing and ask for help on our behalf. Here are a few ways in which people can contribute:

  • Fred Meyer Community Rewards: Link your Fred Meyer Rewards card to our team. We’ll receive a small donation from Fred Meyer every time you shop there.
  • Cash or In-Kind Donations: Direct people to our Donation Form. We can accept cash donations or in-kind donations of good or services, and we’ve included an Equipment Needs list, which provides examples of items that we need.
  • Donations of Space: As we add to our emergency supplies, we will need more space in which to store them. We’re looking for secure space that we’ll be able to access in the event of a disaster. Ideally this space would be near our team’s staging areas at Arbor Lodge Park and Kenton Park.

Spread the Word!

If you can’t help, maybe someone you know can. Please forward this message to friends, family, and neighbors.



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