We’re a new team with 20 “active” NET members and 17 more in the training queue. If you’re active NET but not on our email list, contact our team lead. If you’re in the  training queue, contact our team lead.

You don’t need to be a fully trained NET to work with us – we need community organizers, interested neighbors, responders and many other skills!

We have formed a coalition with Bridlemile Neighborhood Association, Positive Charge PDX, and www.bridlemile.net to build community engagement to “Develop a neighborly culture to help those who live nearby and those less fortunate in daily life – not just crises.” For more info click here.

For example, we have 40 volunteer organizers rolling out pilot versions of “Friends Helping Friends” (aka Neighbor Circles or pods) to over 500 homes in their immediate areas of Bridlemile, only 2200 residences to go. This is a bottom-up, grassroots approach, beginning with a few early adopter “friends” agreeing to work together on emergency prep and organize for emergency response. It relies on organic growth (more friends) and is based on the very successful programs in the Pearl District, Sylvan Highlands and the Montmore area in Bridlemile.

We have a broad program for 2020-21. Choose the area(s) you want to learn about or help with:

  • Building Bridlemile Resilience (“Friends Helping Friends“)
  • Radio Communications (we have 2 ham radio operators, but need more!)
  • School Preparedness (our team is working closely with Bridlemile Elementary and Portland Montessori Collaborative)
  • Team Readiness (deployment skill training)
  • Member & Volunteer Engagement
  • Fiscal Management
  • Equipment & Supply Management

Monthly Meetings: Our meetings are on the first Monday of each month (except July & August) at 7pm in the Library at Bridiemile Elementary School. During the current pandemic situation we meet virtually. Contact our team lead (below) if you’d like to participate.

For more information:
    • Contact our new team lead, Ron Nelson.
    • Check our drive for more information:
      • Organizer Toolkit – – NOTE: this section is under construction as we develop new information. Contact Ron for up-to-date info.
      • BNET Activities contains photos and info on past activities.
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