Bridlemile NET

We’re a new team with 10 active NET members and 35 more in the training queue. You don’t need to be a fully trained NET to work with us – we need responders, community organizers and many other skills! For example, we have 15 volunteers rolling out “Map Your Neighborhood” pilot to 85 homes in one corner of Bridlemile, only 2500 residences to go…

We intend to grow quickly and are developing a broad program for 2020. Attend our early February meeting where we’ll finalize our 2020 plan – choose the area(s) you want to learn about or help with:

  • Building Bridlemile Resilience
  • Radio Communications
  • School Preparedness
  • Team Readiness (skill training)
  • Member & Volunteer Engagement
  • Fiscal Management
  • Equipment & Supply Management
For more information:
  • Contact our new team lead, Ron Nelson.
  • Check our drive for more information.
Visit our booth at these events:
  • Bridlemile Prepares! event, Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020, 6pm, Bridlemile Elementary School Cafeteria
  • Emergency Preparedness Fair in March 2020 at the Multnomah Arts Center (sponsored by the SW Neighborhoods – details will be posted when available.
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