The Riverdale Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) is a small group of volunteers who have been trained by the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) or the Lake Oswego Fire Department (LOFD) to help in the event of an emergency. Although our team focuses and responds to the Riverdale neighborhood (the Willamette River to Terwilliger Extension and from Lewis & Clark and Riverdale High School to the Clackamas County boundary line), we are part of a larger consortium, the Tryon Creek NET Consortium. This consortium includes Riverdale, Tryon Creek, Riverwood, Dunthorpe, Arnold Creek, Collins View, South Burlingame, West Portland Park, and Marshall Park neighborhoods in South and Southwest Portland. Together, our collective teams collaborate in supporting efforts to keep our neighborhoods safe and prepared for emergencies. 

We welcome anyone interested in emergency preparedness to attend our meetings and join us. You need not have completed NET training. Our neighborhood needs you! You likely possess some knowledge, skill, and/or experience that will be of benefit in an emergency. Most importantly, you need to prepare your family and loved ones. Then, you can help prepare your neighbors. Visit the Get Ready page of this website to learn how.

A Pacific NW earthquake is inevitable. Although the exact time our Cascadia Subduction Zone will produce a 9.0+ earthquake is not certain, scientists believe it’s overdue. So, we’re wise to prepare by training — learning and practicing steps to take — and closely coordinating with the police and fire services to help during other local emergencies like weather, fire, floods, landslides, and other such threats to life and property.


Meetings for the Riverdale NET are typically held on the third Tuesday of each month from 10-11:30 AM. You don’t need to be a team member to attend, although we hope you’ll decide to join us. Meetings are usually at one of our homes; please send us an email to find out the next meeting’s location. Training is usually held at Lewis & Clark College [map] in Building 36, Conference Room 350 in the evening; communication training and exercises are operations conducted throughout our neighborhood, scheduled to meet participating neighbors’ schedules.

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