Rose City Park


The Rose City Park neighborhood is looking to revive our neighborhood emergency team; come join us!

We are neighbors trained by the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) with a skill set to aid first responders in emergency events. One specific event on our mind is the Big One: the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake.

  • Are you interested in getting to know your neighbors better?
  • Looking for tips to increase the readiness of your household in the event of an emergency?
  • Geeking out on water storage ideas?
  • Excited to share your solar oven adventures and other “off the grid” emergency skills?

…then come say hello!

Meeting Schedule

Second Wednesday of each month

Rose City Park United Methodist Church
5830 NE Alameda St, Portland, OR 97213

A 7 gallon water storage container weighs 56 pounds!

Can you easily lift your water storage containers?

That’s 56 pounds!
Our team co-lead Craig and his wife Anne revisited their water storage this month.

So after three hurricanes and three earthquakes in Mexico, you’re thinking more seriously about storing the recommended 14 gallons of water per person for the northwest’s big quake? For more ideas, visit the Regional Water Providers Consortium website.

Also think about how you are going to store it. I got a couple of those larger seven gallon two handled containers. Then I discovered at 70 plus, my wife and I hadn’t maintained our superman and wonder woman status. Seven gallons at 56 lbs, was too much for her to easily handle, and it wasn’t that comfortable for me either. What if you were injured? Include a syphon or hand pump as part of your preparations. Definitely needed if you get the 55 gallon blue drums for your emergency water.

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