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There’s a 38% chance that Cascadia Subduction Zone will produce a 9.0+ earthquake in the next 50 years. We need to get ready, and we need everyone to participate. Please explore the Get Ready portion of this website to learn more about how you can prepare yourself, your family, and your neighbors, as well as receive training, volunteer, and connect with others who are working hard to make Portland a more resilient community. Please contact us with questions and attend our meetings. You don’t need to be a trained NET member to get involved.


The Con/Ver/Lawn NET meets monthly on Monday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm, generally in the Concordia University Library. Meeting dates and locations are posted on our Facebook page, as well as the calendar below, as they are scheduled.


There are over 17,000 people (as of 2010) in our three neighborhoods, which cover 2.4 square miles. That’s a lot of people – far too many for our team (currently ~20) to help adequately if a disaster strikes. We need everyone to participate in making our community more resilient. Our goal is to have neighbors organize and prepare block-by-block, and we’re here to help you do that. Please contact us with questions and feel free to attend our meetings any time. You don’t need to be a trained NET member to get involved.

We are also accepting donations of money or supplies to help build a cache for our team of trained volunteers.  Items such as portable emergency stretchers, first aid supplies, tools, and human remains pouches are needed to help us provide care and assistance in the event of a major disaster.  If you can help us build our supply with cash or in kind donations, we will thankfully accept and can even issue a receipt for tax purposes!  Please visit to see our wish list!

Fred Meyers customers, please consider adding us to your Rewards card.  It does not affect your benefits and helps us raise team funds with every Fred Meyer purchase you make!  Our Community Rewards number is #PX800 and details on enrollment can be found CLICK HERE!


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Co-Team Leader

Kirsten Savoie, CRNA/ICU RN

Assistant Team Leader

Brendan Dunn, ARO: KG7AZD

Assistant Team Leader

Erin Cooper


Assistant Team Leader

Bart Church; ARO: KJ7FXM

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