Ashcreek / Crestwood

Get ready to help your family and your neighbors!

Here’s our challenge: If a major emergency event happens in the city of Portland, such as an earthquake, volcano, pandemic, power grid failure, terrorist attack, storm, wildfire, etc., Portland city resources most likely won’t be immediately available to help us in our local community.  As a neighborhood, we should plan to be on our own resources for potentially up to three weeks.

We welcome you to join your Ashcreek and Crestwood neighbors in preparing for those types of emergencies.

Join us at our local AshCrest NET monthly meeting!

Our group meets from 7:00 – 8:30pm on the first Wednesday of every month at West Portland United Methodist Church at 4729 SW Taylors Ferry Road. Discussion includes committee report-outs, upcoming trainings and events, and some preparedness exercises. Everyone is welcome to attend, meet your neighbors and find out more about how to get prepared and involved.

Find out more…

Interested in finding out more about our team? Please visit our site to get complete information about how to prepare and volunteer in our neighborhood. You can also get neighborhood-specific information about what to do in case an emergency event happens in our area.

Thank you for your interest!


Dave Manville, Ashcreek


Chuck Quarterman, Crestwood
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