In July 2017, the Arbor Lodge / Kenton and Overlook NETs did this fantastic, well-designed Call-Down Exercise¬†complete with pre-deployment skill refreshers and lawn signs. On the day of the drills, we practiced deploying to our staging areas, completing and handing off ICS forms, establishing chain of command, assessing needs and planning response, and communicating via radio (with each other and the ECC). Our team came up with a huge list of lessons learned that we’ll use to make important revisions to our Ops & Comms Plans and inform our training plans. Huge thanks to Angela Watson, Taylor Dewey, Mitch Bixby, and Leslee Lewis for planning this exercise.¬†For more hands-on practice ideas, check out our NET Meeting Ideas document.


Sometimes our brains get a little mushy when we’re presented with a high-stress situation (like an earthquake). Keep these handy cheat sheets in your pack to help you remember your training!


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