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Many of us have experience working with equipment and supplies that are used in search and rescue, disaster medicine, and other facets of disaster response, and we’d like to share our recommendations with you. Products purchased through the links below may result in profits which are passed along to PortlandPrepares and Friends of Portland Fire & Rescue without any additional cost to you or your NET team. Please share this info with your friends and family!

Cascadia Quake Kits

Cascadia Quake Kits is a local Portland company that sells Two-Week Earthquake Disaster Kits that meet the recommendations of Oregon Office of Emergency Management and American Red Cross Cascades Region. Our mission is to prepare resilient Northwest communities, one kit at a time.

Amazon Affiliate Store

Shop the PortlandPrepares Amazon Affiliate Store for emergency preparedness supplies that are recommended by Neighborhood Emergency Team members. A percentage of every purchase helps support NET volunteer efforts. Profits are used to pay for the PortlandPrepares website, community outreach materials, and emergency medical supplies. If you want to recommend products for our list, please complete this form.


Stock your pantry and emergency kit with delicious, nutritious food and help your Neighborhood Emergency Team raise money for critical supplies. ThriveLife offers all-natural, freeze-dried meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruit, and grains. When sealed, they have up to a 25 year shelf life. Once open, they’re good for up to a year. ThriveLife uses the highest standards in preservation techniques and testing. Fruits and vegetables are vine ripened, which allows for maximum nutritional benefit. If you’d like to try samples at your next NET meeting or outreach event, contact


Pick up a Portland NET Kit or other emergency preparedness supplies through our partners at PortlandNET members can receive a “checkout code” for discounts across virtually all PrepareSmart product lines. Complete this form to receive your checkout code.


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